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July 2014

7/16/14 Just listed 1974 Chevy Nova Race-ready 1974 Nova stock chassis with 436 small block Chevy.
7/6/14 Today we got this 1968 Chevy Chevelle Built and raced at Gainsville,Fl for 2 years in the late 1990's then has been Garage kept since.

June 2014

6/22/14 Today we listed this 1970 Chevy Nova Turnkey race car Over $60,000 invested, best of everything.
6/18/14 This must be Nova month. Here's a 1974 Chevy Nova Project car that has a lot of work done already.
6/14/14 Watch out for this 1974 Chevy Vega race ready Depending on which gear you leave in car will run 10.40 to 9.40's.
6/11/14 Check out this super clean 1973 Chevy Camaro This street machine has a highly modified 406 small block and has all top of line equipment and parts.

May 2014

5/7/14 Check out this 1990 Chevy corvette ready to go A round tube bbc s/g type car, 509 bbc, lots and lots of good stuff.

April 2014

4/24/14 Into trucks? How about a 1990 Chevy S10 GMC Sonoma Turn Key The current owner did a complete redo and has mostly just shown it since.

January 2014

1/26/14 Mopar fans here's a trick 1969 Dodge dart "poison dart" race ready The owner says, "no work will be needed to race."

October 2013

10/25/13 Don't take Mom and the kids camping in this wagon, a 1966 Chevy B/NSS chevelle wagon turn key It has been a drag car most of its life, was a super stocker car, also ran B/NSS.

September 2013

9/3/13 Look at this clean, late model 1999 Chevy Cavalier "Cavalier" Chromoly Chassis , NHRA cert. until 2016, SBC 414 engine. Also today we got in this 1965 olds 442 S/GAS CAR W/ ENCLOSED TRAILER Lots of good parts and a National Nostalgia winner in '05.

August 2013

8/2/13 Look at this super clean 2006 Pontiac GTO Turnkey Set-up for Bracket Racing but could be easily converted into a Pro Street.

June 2013

6/24/13 Dig AMC? Then take in this 1971 American Motors Hornet Turn Key Built about 7 years ago to compete in the NMCA series it's fully street legal with turn signals, brake lights, headlights and tail lights.

May 2013

5/28/13 This is a sweet 1969 Chevy Nova The same owner for 28 years, it is just about perfect and could even be put back on the street.
5/21/13 This is a badass 1998 custom 23 T roadster race ready Only six passes from new, the kid wasn't into it.
5/20/13 Talk about a blast from the past, a 1963 Ford Galaxie 427 r code "Precious Metal" Original 63 427 r code not a clone or 500. Was raced Midwest Nostalgia Super Stock Association.

March 2013

3/23/13 This is a very cool full chassis door car, a 1978 Chevy Monza Turnkey Very well taken care of, kept in climate controlled environment.

January 2013

1/19/13 Little car with a big motor. Check this 1973 Chevy Vega fastback Turn Key race ready car. 543hp on the dyno.

August 2010

8/1/10 Just listed 1999 Chevy 23 T This car is ready to race for $12.5K or best offer.

July 2010

7/24/10 New price reduction 1968 Chevy Camaro Now priced at $14.5K.

October 2009

10/30/09 We have a real Halloween treat for you today -- a WICKED candy blue Ford altered from Kentucky with an outrageous SKULL paint scheme. This clean 355 CID small block Chevy powered 23T is being offered at a price that is guaranteed not to SCARE you! Check out our other utility bodied 1 ton from North Carolina, this one a 1997 Ford F350 with a 351 CID and plenty of space to store your goodies.
10/29/09 How about a SWEET 235" Undercover RED from South Carolina? This super consistent, "Best Engineered" winning 372 CID / 600HP stunner is both show and go.
10/28/09 Midweek brings us 2 NEW listings. First is a very REASONABLY priced 1989 Mustang Notchback from Florida. From its BUILT 351 Cleveland to its Pro-locker rear end, this 10.9 second quarter miler is a lot of bang for the buck! Next is a CLEAN 1997 Chevrolet 3500 with a 6.5L diesel. This North Carolina 1 ton utility body has ONLY 76,000 miles on it and plenty of storage space.

September 2009

9/28/09 4 NEW listings today for the drag site as we near the end of the month! From Wisconsin, check out this sweeeet "Bow tie" 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo SS that's a combo strip/street car and the seller is MOVING and is MOTIVATED! A VINTAGE drag car from Oklahoma today as well.....running a 6.45 1/8th of a mile, take a peek at this early 60's---1963 Chevy II Nova Turn Key drag car that just needs some fuel and a new home! Another NEW listing on another VINTAGE drag car...this one's in North Carolina....check out this 1963 Dodge Polara Race ready drag car that still runs a 11.48 1/4 mile!! From Florida, we have a 1985 Mazda RX7 "No Big Thing" Complete Operation drag car that starts FAST and goes STRAIGHT!! A LARGE price reduction on an "American Classic"...from NY State, check out the LOWERED price on this late 50's---1959 Chevy Corvette in a sweet blue paint scheme! Another LOWERED price on an early 70's drag car near Kansas City! Running a sub 11.0 1/4 mile, take a gander at the lowered price on this 1973 Dodge Challenger that lookslike a great deal at the lowered price!

August 2009

8/28/09 A HUGE price reduction on a sweeeeeet drag car in NY State! Being sold as a roller, and with a VERY FAIR asking price, check out the LOWERED PRICE on this "Bowtie" 1986 Chevy Camaro Roller with a very agressive asking price!
8/24/09 A nice NEW listing today on an early 70's vintage Drag Car......hailing from "The Show Me State" and priced for a QUICK SALE, check out this 1973 Dodge Challenger pushing out almost 600 HP!! The owner of this beautiful, historic 1923 Ford Roadster "YOUNGMOBILE" B-Altered located in Arizona has just LOWERED his asking price and is VERY MOTIVATED to sell!!
8/20/09 2 MORE NEW Listings today....it's a busy week! In Illinois, checkout this really nice looking 1973 Plymouth DUSTER with a great paint job and ready to RUN!! From the mid-80's, this R.E.D. 1990 Dragster that had MANY SPONSORS back in it's time and can be purchased for "almost nothing!"
8/19/09 2 NICE NEW listings today for our month of August! Check out this "bow tie" mid-70's drag car in Pennsylvania with s smokin hot engine that would cost as much to build now as the total asking price of this 1975 Chevy Camaro that pulls hard and goes real straight off the line! A VERY COOL vintage drag car in Utah today.....it's this 1961 Kellison J5R that's fully prepared and ready for somebody to take to the next weekend event!

July 2009

7/31/09 2 NICE NEW GM listings today to end out month! First up is this really nice 1970 Chevy Camaro "split bumper" vintage drag car in immaculate condition down in Texas that grips hard and goes straight off the line! Another NEW GM listing today in Florida....from the mid-1960's, take a LQQK at this mighty fine looking 1965 Pontiac GTO door drag car all ready for the next weekend of drag racing! A HUGE PRICE REDUCTION on this really nice 1968 Chevy Camaro "THE BLUE BEAST" roller drag car located in 'Elvis Country"!
7/7/09 A Vintage drag car in the midwest today......from the mid-60's, check out this SWEEEEEET 1965 Pontiac GTO with 550 HP and matching #'s too!
7/2/09 3 SWEET NEW listings to start off our 4th of July weekend with a BANG! Take a nice loooooooong look at this nicely priced 1927 Brogie Roadster Turn Key or Roller in Georgia with 2 buying options for the next driver! How about this "Bow Tie" drag car in NY State?........running sub 10's for the 1/4, take a quick peek at this 1980 Chevy Malibu "Miss Behavin" Turnkey drag car that's ready for the next race weekend at your local drag strip! This Malibu can also accomodate a very TALL driver too! Our 3rd NEW listing for today, brings us an early 70's MOPAR--1971 Plymouth Valiant "Scamp" Turn Key that has a great asking price!

May 2009

5/31/09 Check out this gorgeous 2004 Undercover Motorsports The Real JEGS Dragster "JEGS" Turn-Key Ready To Win drag car in NY State with many podium finishes putting out over 1700 HP and ready to win MANY MORE TROPHIES!
5/27/09 A belated Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all of our drag car fans out there! Today, we have a really nostalgic drag car from the mid-70's.....located in California, check out this agressively priced and well set-up 1976 FED Front Engine Dragster Turn Key ready to head down the straight-away!
5/11/09 A NICE NEW listing on a fast car in Florida! Set up for an 1/8th mile track and PRICED TO SELL, check out this vintage 1966 Ford Mustang under $10K!
5/6/09 A LARGE price reduction on this early 70's--1972 Chevy VEGA ready to race in Virginia...check it out!
5/5/09 Happy Cinco De Mayo day to all the drag fans out there! We have a nice NEW listing today from Tennessee....it's a drag car AND a street legal car as well under $20,000.....check out this VINTAGE 1962 Chevy Impala Biscayne that's price to SELL! A car that was already priced VERY LOW has seen another price reduction to a ridiculously LOW price for what you're getting.....check out the NEW LOWERED price on this vintatge 1968 Chevy Camaro "THE BLUE BEAST" roller living in the "Land of Elvis"!

April 2009

4/30/09 All of our NOSTALGIC racers are going to love the lower price on our North Carolina based 1957 straight axle Gasser! This historic 9 second former Nickey Chevrolet powerhouse toured the US throughout the 60’s & early 70’s -- TRULY an amazing piece of drag racing history.
4/29/09 Midweek brings us a ferocious 1962 Chevy from Tennessee. This one year old, full Alston square tube chassis, 4 wheel disc brakes, 454 powered, 2 door Impala would be an impressive ride at any power cruise.
4/27/09 We start the new week by asking you to check out a WICKED 23T Altered from Arizona. This well crafted 150" Neil & Parks roller is 6.0 certified. Just drop in your Big Block Chevy and impress the crowd!
4/24/09 For Friday we have an absolutely gorgeous 23T from Florida. Built in 2000, this 900+ HP, 514 big block Chevy powered MISSILE is certified to 7 seconds and engineered to the highest standards. Comes complete with a 28 ft custom Cargo Mate trailer making this package truly strip ready.
4/20/09 Who wouldn’t want to own a 1957 Bel Air 2 door Hardtop? Our black BEAUTY from Texas is ABSOLUTELY the best of both worlds. Classic American looks combined with modern 350 / TH350, PS, power disc brakes plus Vintage air & heat make this icon a fun, dependable & safe boulevard cruiser.
4/10/09 A nice NEW listing to end our work week today. From the State of NY, check out this mid 90's "Bow Tie" 1994 Chevy S10 PICK UP ROLLER that is priced to SELL and looks to be in great condition!
4/7/09 A LARGE price reduction on a "Blue Oval" road car in New York State...check out the LOWERED price on this 1990 Ford mustang Lx 7-up mint condition car with a super charger under the hood!
4/2/09 A SWEET NEW listing today on a really nice looking VINTAGE drag car. Pushing 1000+ HP and running a strong mid 8's for the 1/4 mile, check out this 1951 Henry J 2 Door Allstate drag car in Nevada!

March 2009

3/30/09 A NEW listing today from Kentucky on a "Blue Oval" with a great asking price!.....check out this CHEAP 1923 Ford 1923T Altered Project drag car that needs a new garage! A LARGE price reduction to announce from the weekend on this "American Classic" 1988 Chevy Corvette "Black Baby" located in Texas!
3/24/09 A BEAUTIFUL NEW listing today on this "American Classic" 1959 Chevy Corvette located in NY State!
3/13/09 A LARGE price reduction to announce toay on this agressively priced 1972 mercury cougar xr7 Roller with evrything minus the engine....the seller will also consider a t/k deal as well including the trailer!!
3/9/09 We start the week with an outstanding 1963 Corvette from South Carolina. With its small block power & air shifted Jerico 5 speed, this knockout blisters the 1/8th mile in 4.50 seconds. Truly a show car that was built to GO!!
3/6/09 What a way to end the week with these 2 WILD new listings! First from Colorado comes a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a twin Rolls Royce powered jet car. The 2006 BAEI "Star Raider" was primarily built for air show exhibition but is also NHRA & IHRA certified for drag events. Next if you are looking a great transporter rig check out our 2006 Chevy-GMC 5600 Pony Express from South Carolina. With only 2500 miles on the clock, this pristine toterhome and 44 foot gooseneck are virtually new.
3/5/09 Today we complete our trio of Camaros with a KILLER ’69 from California. This impeccable supercharged Z28/RS would be a SPECTACULAR pro street or power cruise ride.
3/4/09 Midweek brings us another exceptional Camaro roller, this time a 1976 Ex-Pro Stocker from a motivated New England seller. With the new season just around the corner and 90+% of the work done, this car is guaranteed not to disappoint!
3/3/09 Today we have a beautiful deep blue 1986 Camaro from New York. This roller is built to a very high standard with a phenomenal amount of expensive upgrades. She’s just waiting for your BBC and Powerglide to hit the strip.

February 2009

2/25/09 A nice NEW listing today on a roller that just needs a tranny to be ready for the strip! In Arizona, check out this well priced 1923 Ford 23T altered front engine drag car that looks to be in great shape!
2/24/09 Probably the NICEST NEW listing we've seen on the site for many weeks! If you're really in the market for a SWEEEEEET drag car...look no further than this "bow tie" Pro-Mod 2000 Chevy Camaro Turn Key drag car that is documented to be VERY FAST!!
2/17/09 A Happy belated Valentine's and Presidents Day to all of our drag fans out there in cyberworld! Today we have a sweet "bow tie" for a NEW listing....it's a VINTAGE 1967 Chevy Chevelle post TURN KEY running low 6's for the 1/8th mile and pushing over 700HP down the track and it's located in Kentucky!
2/13/09 A sweet NEW listing to finish our work week.....need an excuse to visit the "Aloha State"???.....if you buy this "cream puff" 1927 Houston Race Cars Aero Roadster drag car, the owner will pay to have it shipped back to the West Coast of the USA...it appears to be a real beauty!
2/9/09 A NEW listing to start our weekend off with.....one of my "favorite Bow Tie" cars from the late 60's......check out this 800+HP vintage 1968 Chevy Camaro "tube chassis race/show car" Turn key or roller drag car in Arizona!
2/5/09 An absolutely GORGEOUS NEW listing today from FLA...it's a sweeeeeeeet looking 1997 Pontiac Trans Am 10.5 outlaw that would EASILY cost over $100K to build that can be purchased for ONLY $65K!
2/4/09 Another NEW "Blue Oval" listing today from NY State...this one is a nice looking rag-top road car in really nice condition.....check out this 1990 Ford mustang lx that is priced to sell!

January 2009

1/28/09 A NEW listing from NY State today on a late 80's "Blue Oval" drag car......running in the mid-9's for the quarter mile, check the NEW listing today on this 1989 Ford Mustang with a great paint job and a powerful motor too! All the way across the USA in California, we have a nice PRICE REDUCTION on a vintage "Bow Tie" drag car...take a look-see at the LOWERED price from a motivated seller on this 1967 Chevy II drag car!
1/27/09 A VERY LARGE price reduction today on a vintage drag car in the "Aloha State".....all this car needs is a paint job and a warm place to sleep at night...check out the new LOWERED asking price on this 1951 chassis works HENRY J "AREA -51" drag car that's ready to be shipped anywhere! o
1/21/09 A nice price REDUCTION today from California.....running low 10's for the 1/4 mile....check out the LOWERED price on this "Bow Tie" 1970 Chevy Camaro that is really priced to SELL!
1/13/09 If you're looking for a nice cost effective Drag project, then today's NEW listing from California will definitely catch your eye. Setup for a BBC our 1975 full tube chassis VEGA comes complete with Koni coil overs, Ford 9" rear, 4:74 Richmond gears, Willwood rear & Mustang front Disc Brakes, Fiberglass Front End, Doors, Hood. All this at a TRULY unbelievable price!
1/9/09 A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our drag fans/customers out there! This Friday brings us 2 NEW listings and a price reduction too! The 1st NEW listing comes to us from Ohio...check out this 1992 Plymouth Talon "DSM" that runs a consistent mid 8.5 seconds in the 1/4 mile and has a reasonable asking price! From the same seller in NY, we bring you this NEW listing 1999 Allstar rear engine dragster roller. A HUGE price reduction on this really SWEET Pickup dragster in FLA...check out the new price 1989 Chevy S10 Pickup Turn Key that will run in the mid-10's for the quarter mile all day long!

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